You have now selected the contractors. Work has started and you want to make sure it is done in compliance with the specifications set out by the Project Manager in close collaboration with our geotechnician, and, ideally, without any budget overruns.

You might want to keep benefiting from the partnership you initiated with GÉOTEC.

We shalll give our opinion on the G3 execution geotechnical survey submitted by the construction company and ensure that they did take into account all construction provisions inherent to your project; we shall also review their self-monitoring and auditing programme. You can now be assured that the work will be done properly.

GÉOTEC will then make unplanned visits to the construction site to verity that the companies comply with the decisions made and, if necessary, react upon any hazard that may still exist.


We provide the following services at all stages of your project:

Geotechnical diagnostics (G5)

GÉOTEC is present both during the project phase (design or implementation) and after implementation; we can arrange occasional assignments to provide surveys of limited scope on one or more specific geotechnical elements (earthwork, slope stability, retainment structures, foundations, ground slabs, etc.).

Specific investigations may be required for this type of diagnostic. Additionally, this diagnostic can be followed by a design survey (G2 PRO) and quality control (G4).