The first step of our collaboration is to survey your project.

We work with you to understand and analyse your needs in order to reach the goals you have set by offering solutions that are suited for your project and adapted to local geological conditions.

Based on the project data you have submitted and our knowledge of local geological characteristics, we will draft a probing, in-situ and laboratory-testing campaign tailored to your needs.

We are eager to constantly exchange ideas and opinions throughout the survey process.




No matter how far you are in your project when you contact us, we shall start off with Stage 1 (G1 assignment), which involves the following:

  • Reviewing documentation on local geological conditions;
  • Performing on-site surveys of neighbouring buildings and related impacts on your future project (also known as GIZ: Geotechnical Influence Zone);
  • Performing a first geotechnical survey;
  • Laying out a provisional geological model based on the main geotechnical characteristics (Site Survey step), as well as drafting the general building principles (GBP step) applicable to foundations, earthwork, and geological and hydrogeological risk identification, etc.


The different steps G1, G2, G3, G4 and G5 refer to the French standard NF-P-94-500.