GÉOTEC takes part in all stages of your geotechnical project, from initial design to final completion:

Preliminary geotechnical surveys

Design-oriented geotechnical surveys

Project implementation-oriented geotechnical surveys


GÉOTEC is competent in the following fields:

BUILDINGS: industrial facilities, businesses, warehouses, offices, housing;

ENERGY: production (thermal, hydraulic and nuclear power plants, wind turbines (ground level and off shore), photovoltaic plants, transport (electrical lines, gas pipelines);

CIVIL WORKS: on-ground and underground structures;

LINEAR PROJECTS: roads, motorways, railway lines (conventional and high-speed), tunnels;

RIVER AND PORT STRUCTURES: ports, dams, piers, outlets.



GÉOTEC has a wide range of calculation software:

  • GDM7: Storing of geological data for large surveys;
  • GEOINFO: Database management;
  • GEOFOND/FOXTA: Dimensioning (shallow and deep foundations);
  • TALREN 5: slope stability calculation;
  • RIDO 4.12 / KREA: Dimensioning of diaphragm walls, strutting systems for deep excavation, sheet piles, etc.;
  • GEOMUR: External stability of retaining walls;
  • PLAXIS: 2D analysis of stress and strain on geotechnical structures;
  • PLAXFLOW v1.6: Hydraulic flow 2D modelling;
  • CLIQ: Soil liquefaction analysis;
  • GEOSPAR: Dimensioning of nailed walls.