Identification, qualitative and quantitative evaluation, management and protection of water resources

  • General geological, hydrogeological, structural and environmental surveys;
  • Geophysical surveys;
  • Projecting;
  • Borehole flow and horizontal flow measurements;
  • Piezometers and follow-up; Piezometric map monitoring;
  • Pump tests (permeability, transmissibility, storage coefficient, isochrones, and soakaway tests).


Hydrogeological surveys:

  • Drinking water catchment basin protection area;
  • Pollution impact;
  • Industrial activity impact;
  • Groundwater table monitoring for installations classified for environmental protection purposes;
  • Highest and lowest maximum water table level.


Setting-up, design and management of groundwater catchment facilities;

  • Water supply for human consumption, industrial use and farming, groundwater-based geothermal systems.