GÉOTEC performs expert reviews of natural hazards in these 4 fields:

GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING applied to rocky masses:

  • Rocky front diagnostics;
  • Structural analysis;
  • Stability analysis;
  • Trajectographical analysis;
  • Large-scale earthwork surveys;
  • Design, dimensioning, construction management and execution of rock stabilisation or interception works;
  • Site safety works.


PREVENTION OF NATURAL HAZARDS, including geological hazards:

  • Historical research;
  • Hazard mapping;
  • 3D modelling of phenomena;
  • Full implementation and revision of safety hazard area plans;
  • Vulnerability analysis;
  • Design, dimensioning and construction management in the case of safety works;
  • Communication (web-based) tools.



  • Survey and valuation of deposits, borrow material areas;
  • Evaluation of reserves;
  • Assistance in laying out operating schemes;
  • Enhancement of operating processes;
  • Analysis and management of operating geological and geotechnical risks;
  • Local or regional scale impact surveys;
  • Assistance in designing rehabilitation projects.


DEVELOPMENT OF I.T. SOLUTIONS  in the management, analysis and modelling of geological and geotechnical phenomena.