sols-polluessols pollues

Site diagnostics:

  • Historical surveys;
  • Documentary research on vulnerability;
  • Sampling (soil, water, air, underground gas, etc.);
  • Chemical analyses;
  • Conceptual maps and operating models;
  • In-depth diagnostics.


Risk evaluation:

  • Sanitary risk quantitative evaluation;
  • Residual risk analysis.


Site management:

  • Environment state interpretation;
  • Management plans and cost-benefit assessment;
  • Admissibility of excavated soil in storage facilities;
  • Monitoring of earthwork.


NFX31-620 French standard-based surveys:

  • Removal of doubts about pollution;
  • Environmental evaluation when a site is sold/purchased;
  • Site rehabilitation or development management plans;
  • Population exposure evaluation;
  • Continuous supervision of environment;
  • Environmental quality control.