In Rekkem next to the E17 Highway, within 20 km from Lille, the Group "Van Marcke" is engaged in the construction of a new European distribution center for Van Marcke Sanitairs.

Eventually, this building shall house the Group corporate headquarters. As such, this true technological showcase is designed as a model of sustainable development extending on more than 77,000 m² of storage halls and 8,500 m² of offices. Within two years, nearly 80% of the orders handled on-site should be automatically processed.

In accordance with the BREEAM certification, the heating and cooling energy demands of the building must be supplied through sustainable energy. Therefore a sizeable geothermal installation of highly efficient heat pumps is to be designed in order to provide the building with an output of 1,100 kW.

In this process, Verbeke was entrusted by the Client with the responsibility for carrying out the entire energy project. This operation is clearly the largest geothermal project in the Benelux and certainly one of the most ambitious in Europe.

516 probes were placed by our teams in previously drilled 65 m-deep boreholes, using a NORD MEYER DSB1 / 6 with articulated arm in order to handle the rods automatically. In the whole, no less than 185,000 m of HDPE pipes connected to 8 main collectors are being installed and welded by our geothermal service teams. These collectors will second-handedly be connected to a 315 mm diameter HDPE loop.

This contract, valued at more than a million Euros, started with the drilling teams in May 2017. The horizontal connection teams will take on the construction works within two months.

The project is to be delivered to the client in June 2018.