Client focus and Partnership

GÉOTEC analyses all projects thoroughly, whatever the scale and location, and provides client-specific solutions with appropriate survey and investigation programmes. We supervise and monitor all stages, from setting up the initial campaign to delivering the final report. We can also handle the design and execution of infrastructure works as part of a separate service package until the project is completed.

Dialogue and Reactivity

Our guarantee to you :

  • Reactivity
  • Flexibility
  • Effective control throughout the project implementation:
    • In-situ testing
    • Laboratory tests
    • Interpretation and design reports
    • Supervision of works execution


National and regional scalability

Working with GÉOTEC means accessing comprehensive nationwide equipment for in-situ soil investigation and laboratory tests while enjoying responsive service from our staff in our local offices.


GÉOTEC's robust finances enable us to follow-up on your projects continuously and provide guidance in the long term.