GÉOTEC GROUP is a geotechnical and environmental consulting and engineering office that provides advisory services to all actors in the construction chain: Owners, both public and private Investors, Developers, Contractors, Qualiy Control Offices, Experts.

GÉOTEC was created in 1973 by François BARNOUD. It is now renowned nationwide for its highly technical competencies both in soil and rock mechanics, environment, and project engineering.

There are now 530 people working at GEOTEC, including 180 engineers and executive technicians in 4 Regional Agencies and more than 20 offices that support the sustained growth of the top independent geotechnics firm in France (the founding family is the majority shareholder).

GÉOTEC's 4 laboratories in Dijon, Bordeaux, Paris and Lyon can run all types of tests, while the Group's 80 drilling teams are equipped to carry out investigations as deep as 150 m.

The Goup's finances are robust, with a consolidated turnover of an estimated €55M

  • 1973

    GÉOTEC was created in DIJON by François BARNOUD (a graduate from the Arts et Métiers Engineering School and doctor in soil mechanics from Grenoble University).

  • 1981

    Opening of our NANTES office

  • 1986

    Opening of our ORLÉANS office

  • 1990

    Opening of our LYON office after buying SOLS INVESTIGATIONS (LYON).

  • 1991

    Opening of our BORDEAUX office

  • 1993

    Opening of our PARIS office

  • 1996

    Opening of our NANCY office

  • 2000

    Opening of our LILLE office

  • 2001

    Opening of our TOULOUSE, MARSEILLE, LA ROCHELLE, BESANÇON, AUXERRE offices after buying Géotechnique Appliquée Île de France (GAIDF) - PARIS.

  • 2003

    Creation of GÉOTEC Group.

  • 2007

    Creation of GÉOTEC Guyane (French Guiana)

  • 2008

    Opening of our ANNECY office

  • 2009

    Opening of our STRASBOURG office after buying SAF (Société Autunoise de Forage).

  • 2010

    Buying of GSI Guyane (French Guiana)

  • 2011

    Opening of our PAU office after buying GIPEA (LYON).

  • 2012

    Opening of our REIMS office

  • 2013

    Opening of our LIMOGES office

  • 2016

    Opening of our CAEN office

  • 2017

    Buying of SENELABO-BTP,  www.senelabo-btp.sn

  • 2017

    Buying of GROUPE VERBEKE, www.verbeke.com


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