Miguel Chevalier -Coronae Digitalis- orange, 2011 painted steel

GROUPE GEOTEC collection - 2016 acquisition

GEOTEC collects art works

Because a firm doesn’t work in isolation, because its activities are at the heart of society and of its dynamism, a company can open itself to the surrounding world and have a privileged relationship with culture in general, and with artistic creation in particular. In 2005, following these core values, Géotec’s founder François Barnoud leads the Group onto a path of art sponsorship, in line with the French law of 1st August 2003 aiming to support the action of French companies in this domain. Deeply interested in contemporary art and a passionate collector himself, François Barnoud carries out a programme for the acquisition of contemporary art works and assembles over the years a rich collection, in terms of both economic value and artistic quality. This corporate art collection proves that, whatever a company's size, it can play a significant role in the fields of culture and artistic creation that it supports and shares.

To date, the Group’s collection includes 70 artworks, located near the head office in Quetigny, in the first warehouse built for Géotec in 1976. Rehabilitated in 2012, this large building of 250 square meters, Entrepôt 9, is open to the public free of charge. Sculptures, drawings, paintings, photographs, videos by French or foreign well known artists are displayed in the best conditions for presentation as well as for conservation.

Géotec’s investment in artistic creation attests to its success and capacity for openness; the Group thus builds a unique identity which contributes to the company’s image among its employees and in its environment. For the years to come, Olivier Barnoud confirms Géotec’s role in support of contemporary art by involving the Group in expanding, safeguarding and ensuring broad visibility for this corporate art collection.